Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Affinity Space!

This is my Affinity Space right now.  My Affinity Spaces have changed over the course of my life and I am sad to see that I do not have quite the social life I once had when I was younger; however it was nice to discover that I was still a part of something, part of a group.  It dawned on me I am part of a lot of groups in fact, as we all are.  Sometimes we are just the lurkers and sometimes we are the masters passing out information and knowledge to the group.  


Pinterest/ Home Improvement

1.       Common Endeavors -  The sense of community can be felt among the users as they are working towards various similar goals, which is to improve their home and land doing it themselves.  People are from all over the country and world adding to the group as a whole.  Members of this group are from all socioeconomic backgrounds none of which are of any real importance.  Pinterest is the portal that connects .  Identity is your own.
2.       Newbies & Masters – share the common space.  Some are great pools of knowledge while others simply gather the information that is being freely given.  It ranges from people are who very skilled and have turned themselves into semi-professionals while you have others who struggle with more simple things, to those who simply “lurk” and give no other indication of their being involved other than to continue to pass along and to possibly help collect additional information for the group.
3.       Some portals are stronger than others.  Pinterest being the main portal also leads to other portals.  Primarily these are websites, tutorials, videos, and photos.  Some hold a vast amount of information that can be highly useful while others are sharing more so than to help teach.
4.       Content organization is transformed by interactional organization – Pinterest changes with each person who pins, shares, comments, adds, or ignores.  The content is member driven and therefore some information can be more easily found if repined and shared by multiple people and other information can simply be ignored if no one else feels the need to keep this information for themselves on their “boards”.
5.       Both intensive and extensive knowledge are encouraged.  Pins can be created by a user to showcase a photo or their own website (as I have mine) to share with others.  It is used to share the knowledge I have with others who may be needing the same information.  trust me I have Googled which primer paints work the best, and in finding a video on the subject someone has just did all that work for me.  I like to pass along the same thing.
6.       Both individual and distrusted knowledge are encouraged.  All information is welcome be it through own personal experience or something they have found to be helpful.  The beautiful thing about Pinterest and the DIYers is that everyone is wanting to both gain more knowledge and to share more knowledge.  If one person grows all have the potential to grow as well.
7.       Dispersing knowledge is encouraged.  Multiple boards can be created to share the information.
8.       Tactic knowledge is encouraged and honored.  Usually this comes through in picture tutorials which have shown me a LOT of things.  Some people learn visually and these truly help.  Creating your own tutorials for something you may know is very much encouraged and sometimes requested.
9.       Different forms and routes to participation – can be a lurker, and simply add and pin as you like, or you can create and truly search out good information people may need or enjoy.  Participation can be in spurts (as I do) or it can be continuous.  It simply just depends on a person’s preference though you will miss a lot if you don’t get on for days.
10.   Leadership is porous and leaders are resources – these are evident in their personal websites.  Some websites are beautifully crafted to help people complete more DIY projects around the home than others.  Everyone is a valuable member, especially when they want to be one.  You can share you wealth of knowledge or pass along what you see never really adding to what is already available.  Leadership changes with each new project or tutorial.  Anyone can be a leader at any time, it is user generated.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

DS106 Project C

In this assignment you had to take an article and scratch out parts to leave another story that was completely different from the first.  My original was about brewing your own beer.  My story reads, "Once upon a time on a safari within a short drive of a store, you wonder, "Why even bother.""  I enjoyed this assignment and I think it will be something that I will do with my students actually.  It's something to make them read, think, but is also something fun for them to do.  Maybe have them create poems or something didactic or just something silly.  

GeoMapping Project

In this project I began by wanting to map out my local elementary schools, mostly because I have friends who work in these schools and so I know first hand the challenges both the kids and the teachers face.  I am also interested in poverty and the effects that poverty has on students and in turn their lives as they go from student to adult.  While I included all the statistics on the CRCTs that were available when it came to the projection of how poverty was impacting our students I focused on Reading and Language Arts.

Also in this project I added public housing into the equation as they tend to be located close to certain schools.  I have a friend who works at Southeast as a Kindergarten teacher and close are the "South Rome Projects" as we all refer to them as, or John Graham Housing as they are properly named.  This school is consistently the worst performing elementary school in the city school system and honestly I wanted to know why.  So by tracing where the other housing authority and Section 8 housing students were attending school and by comparing them against one another it looks as though those particular housing units are not the direct cause of lower testing scores, however it does look as though there is a difference between the Section 8 housing and the Housing Authority in that the later's schools had lower testing scores.

When looking at the 3rd-6th Grade Comparison charts I created you can see that Southeast Elementary School performs consistently poorer than all the other schools in most every grade and subject matter.  The demographics of that school are that 99% of all their kids are qualified for free or reduced lunch.  The second worst performing school, Main Elementary, has 98% of its students on free or reduced lunch.  Elm Street Elementary performs in the middle, but leans more towards being one of the worst schools and though it has a lower number of free and reduced lunch students at 89%, it does has the highest instance of ESOL students at 47% of its student population.

So gathering all the data I see that poverty plays a large roll in the academic achievement of the schools as do students that have a limited English proficiency.  Unfortunately for myself I still don't feel I truly found the "reason" why these schools are performing worse than other schools.  If you ask teachers parental involvement plays a huge role in how their student will perform and learn.  Learning has to be a priority for both the parents and the child.  In all honesty the South Rome Projects where the students attend Southeast have always been the worst of all the housing, followed by the Green and Gold, where students attend Main.  So it seems the correlation between the two may not simply be just what "people say", but it may have some truth to it as well.  The question then turns to how to do we fix it....